Black Pearl Enterprises Inc. In Association With Johnathan Witler Presents
The Mirror Effect's Theme sample

This story is about, the knowledge of the two sides of man. Good versus evil. It is a fictional depiction and dramatization of the positive spirit of both man and women and their human nature and frailties. The characters in the story demonstrate how spirit and nature interact with our experiences to make us worst or better people.

Our mirror effect has the greatest affect and image on humanity, when we treat our neighbor as ourselves and as the Creator treats us. We must endure many horrific: biological, mental and physical changes. These changes can have a profound purpose and impact on our lives. They can either result in a dream or nightmare.

An Asian family moves to America in search of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. They move into an Afro-American community in West Philadelphia. The Sun family had anticipated and waited anxiously for the manifestation of their dream but had not calculated the cost. They endure racial prejudice. To their surprise they become the victims of the victims. All new comers that reach American soil have suffered prejudice and injustice.

In America, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lives the Monroe family.

Pearl, a sanctified, strong, powerful community leader and matriarch of her family, is talking to her close friend Frank. They are reflecting back upon their experiences and talking about their good old days. Pearl is thinking of ways that Tiffany, her granddaughter, can overcome and escape some of the bad experiences she had during the civil rights movement. She wants to save all of the children. Frank glamorizes his past in the neighborhood, both of them can remember when their neighborhood was mostly white and they were discriminated against.

The ability to experience THE MIRROR EFFECT only happens when one is able to see himself in others. Does diversity constitute disparity? How many of the world's problems would vanish if the whole human race were to except the fact that diversity does not constitute disparity. The cry of a child means the same all over the world. Such a cry normally causes one to be moved with compassion. Even animals respond to the cry of their young with compassion.

As man evolves and our conscience mind develops, it seems the more insensitive man becomes. When the universal cry develops into diversified utterances man seems to only relate to and have compassion for what is seemingly most similar to himself.

Anyone who has walked the streets of multicultural America is aware of the diversity and disparity of it's occupants. The objective of this piece of work is to convey a poignancy that cuts to the heart through dramatic expression.

This play takes place in present day but the behavior patterns are the same. Welcome to THE MIRROR EFFECT. Look closely at this small urban community and you will see the reflection of the world. The issues addressed in this piece of work exist everywhere. It is always easy to blame others for the wrong, but who is willing to take responsibility for change? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

On the outside we may differ but the more inside you look, the more alike we are. We share the same blood type. We like the same things. We are born, we breath, we love, we live, we hurt, and we die. Life can be a dream or a nightmare. The choice is yours.

Executive Producers:
Leonard Nelson Hubbard "Hub" & Stephanie Owens
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