Steffi Literary Publishing's primary business is educating children, using books designed to enable children in the school system as well as all around the world to retain their innocence, be entertained, and educated while receiving messages of morality. Every book contributes to the rebuilding of our communities and ensuring our furture by planting the seeds of instruction and hope in our children. The publication of the Aniyah series will serve as a permanent entertaining educational tool that aids in the pervention of losing our children to a world of violence and corruption.
Steffimedia staff members are professional artist, musicians, translators and producers. Because of the professional staff and the comprehensive high quality merchandise which Steffi Literary Publishing provides, children will receive great entertainment, education and messages of morality.

The Aniyah Series is going to enable Children in the school systems as well as children all around the world to retain their sense of innocence, instill pride and inspire hope to all those who are losing it to a world of violence and corruption. Every book contributes to the rebuilding of communities by enhancing the lives of children everywhere. The publication of the Aniyah Series will serve as a permanent entertaining educational tool that gives children the opportunity to gain self respect, self confidence, and international community pride. By helping them they will learn to help themselves and eventually they will begin to help others.

Our goal is characterized by a strong commitment to strengthen children and motivate them towards a bright future. Your support will help us build a strong foundation in which the Aniyah Series can successfully grow as we keep our commitment to provide high quality low cost access to our products. The role Steffi Literary Publishing LLC. will play through out the worid will become increasingly magnified by bringing culture and diversity through the use of children's books and unique educating and entertaining products. The arts and education have already demonstrated it's supremacy as a tool for capturing the hearts and minds of the human nature and disseminating it to children all over the world.

The staff and supporters of the Aniyah Series would like to thank you for taking an interest in our vision. Call us optimistic, but we plan to change the world one child at a time, one community at a time, and one nation at a time until we have planted a seed of hope in children all across the world!
From all those involved, we say thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Author and Director of Steffi Literary Publishing LLC, - Stephanie Owens

Steffi' Music LLC. and Reachin' Higher productions are music publishers. All music is original and written by Stephanie Owens. Music is available for sound tracks, commercial advertisement, theatrical productions, and projects of all kinds. There are poetry, and spoken word samples for for you to hear in the music section of the site. If you don't find what you are looking for, there is plenty more where that came from.

Black Pearl Enterprises Inc. has produced a number of plays, The Mirror Effect being the latest, with Stephanie Owens and Leonard Nelson Hubbard as executive producers. Others plays include: Am I Your Dream or Your Nightmare, Sadie and The Reason for the Season.

Unity Enterprises Incorporated is a non-profit organization designed to entertain, educate and enrich the community through culture and the arts.

The organization seeks to empower the community with self-respect, motivation and dignity. Art speaks so that a deaf man can hear and even a blind man can catch the vision.

That being the case, art is the forum by which Unity Enterprises seeks to inspire change. Participants will be involved in classes and art outreach workshops that teach dance, drama, music and other areas of the entertainment industry.

Classes will be held to teach stage etiquette to amateur participants. Awards and recognition will be given to all those who complete the curriculum, scheduled classes and workshops.

Through rehearsals as well as individual and group instruction, outstanding participants will later share the stage with professional actors and performers in public stage productions and international tours.
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